Tinley Park man charged after police find large quantity of drugs inside home

A 23-year-old Tinley Park man has been charged after police say they found a large quantity of drugs inside his home.

Brad Ryan was charged Thursday with unlawful possession with intent to deliver more than 5,000 grams.

Tinley Park tactical officers received information that Ryan was selling large quantities of cannabis, THC wax and THC vape cartridges to people in the south suburbs, authorities said. Officers also learned that he received most of his product through the mail from southern California. 

Authorities said Ryan would then have the packages delivered to a residence located in the 6800 block of White Egret Court.

Ryan would then recover the packages and bring them back home.


Based on information gathered during the investigation, police were able to secure a search warrant for one of the packages and located 420 THC vape oil cartridges.

The package was then delivered to the home on White Egret Court, and Ryan recovered it a few hours later. He brought it to his residence and opened it, authorities said. 

A warrant was then executed at his home, and officers located 24.5 pounds of raw cannabis, 8.5 pounds of THC wax and 1,020 units of THC cartridges/edible THC.

A large amount of money was also recovered from the home.

Ryan was transported Friday morning to the Bridgeview Courthouse for bond court.