Tips on making your car more fuel efficient as gas prices skyrocket

The pain at the pump is pretty intense right now.  

To ease it and get the very most out of your vehicle, FOX 32 spoke with Jason Kuriger, owner of Milex Mr. Transmission in Crest Hill.

Kuriger’s been in the business for over 30 years. We asked him for a few tips on how to make your car more fuel efficient. 

Topping the list: minimizing idling.

"The idling of the car is probably the most detrimental, long-term," he said.

Since the start of the pandemic, cars have spent more time idling than you might realize, according to Kuriger. 

"We go through many drive-thru’s now because we don’t want to walk into a building," he said.  "[Or] waiting for your child to come out of school for half an hour because you got there early."

He warns that cars use more fuel to idle properly in cold weather.

His next tip: check your air filter.  

"The air filter helps the engine breathe," he said. "Hang the air filter or blow it out to give it longer life."


And don't forget about your tires!  

"Make sure your tires are properly inflated," Kuriger said.  "Low tires will cause drag. It will cause usage of fuel that it doesn’t need."

He also advises checking your oil.

"Make sure your oil is at the proper level. Low oil will cause the engine to work harder," he said.

Finally, if you happen to drive with a lead foot, Kuriger advises easing up, especially when coming off a stop.  

Fast accelerators use more fuel to get the car moving again.