Tips on thrifting this holiday season in Chicago

The age-old saying is true: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

In a FOX 32 Special Report, Nate Rodgers and Natalie Bomke take us thrifting and offer tips on how to make the most of the experience.

It's a treasure hunt indeed. Thrifting is thrilling, surprising and economical — especially when dressing for the occasion.

The Salvation Army's highest-grossing store in the U.S. is on North Clybourn in Chicago, and it attracts shoppers from all around the world.

"They know if you come here, they’re going to find goods that you can’t find anywhere else," said Leora Conway, Director of Business at The Salvation Army.

It has everything needed for your family: inexpensive buys, a massive selection of modern and antique furniture – and of course – racks on racks of clothes. Avid thrifter Dionne Walker told FOX 32 she comes every weekend, or when sales are 75% off depending on the color tag.

"I'm here faithfully," she said.

There are thousands of pieces of jewelry, and it's a go-to spot for men's blazers. And that's not all.

Behind the counter are verified designer items.

"I can’t believe it. Like, who knew you could find Chanelle at Salvation Army?" Natalie said.

While thrifting, Nate and Natalie compiled a list of helpful tips to help you get the best deals.

Tip number one: shop with patience. Tip two: if you see something you like, grab it fast.

Tip three: location matters. You have to shop where the money is. For example, on their thrifting adventure, Nate and Natalie went to Goodwill in the West Loop, where they found great quality urban wear, lots of denim, and dresses. 

"Keep your eyes peeled. Never write off anything because you never know how you can repurpose it," said shopper Nic Valdespino.

Tip number four: examine items closely.

"Want to make sure there aren't any snags or any tears in the fabric," Natalie said.

The last stop on the thrifting trip was at Beatnix in Boystown, located on North Halsted. The owner of the store goes out on a daily basis just scavenging the city, according to Beatnix manager Zack Piersiala.

At Beatnix, there is an eclectic mix of old and new novelty, costumes, punky, high glam and bling.

But the best part of the store will blow your mind.

"Leathers, furs, 70s, 80s, 60s. If you really take the time and the patience, you’re gonna find so many different things," said Piersiala.

And finally, tip five: make your dollar count. Ask when the special sale days are, don't underestimate your local consignment shop, and always be on the hunt.

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