'Together' explores challenges of navigating lockdown in a relationship

The new dramatic comedy Together asks a question that might hit close-to-home for some – what if you absolutely hate the people you’re spending COVID lockdown with?

That’s the premise of the new film starring James McAvoy and Sharon Horgan, but the film comes with a twist.

In addition to the married characters arguing with each other, they also break the fourth wall – a story telling technique in which the characters stare directly into the camera and speak with the audience.


FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton spoke with actor James McAvoy about doing this, and asked him: "When you do this, as an actor, who do you believe you’re actually speaking to?"

"I genuinely just felt like I was talking directly to you, to the audience" McAvoy told Hamilton.

"The audience aren’t some character, they aren’t a therapist, they aren’t a social worker – because if they were all of those things, we would then treat them like a social worker or a therapist and that would then affect the scene."

Together hits theaters around Chicago on Friday, Aug. 27.