Tourists capture video of sloth taking what looks like a selfie

This playful sloth will melt your heart. (

A group of tourists in Nicaragua got some adorable footage of what looks like a sloth taking a selfie while climbing a tree.

The sloth appears to be enticed by the sight of the video camera and moves towards it while putting its face right up to the lens.  It reaches out and puts its arm around the back of the camera, which looks like it is taking selfie.

Close encounters with wildlife is the equivalent of a tourist jackpot and people spend serious time and money trying to see animals up close.

The slow-moving mammals are a favorite because of their extreme cuteness and that they move at the pace of a turtle--which makes them an easy shot.  But also interesting to note is that according to studies, sloths almost always  hang upside down, so this sloth was having moment when getting its close-up.

Have a look at the footage and be prepared to have your heart melt.