Tourists return to Chicago from earthquake devastation in Puerto Rico

Nearly all of Puerto Rico is in the dark after it was rocked by a 6.4-magnitude earthquake on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, another powerful aftershock hit the U.S. territory as people struggle to recover.

Since New Year’s Eve, the area has been hit with more than 950 earthquakes and aftershocks. Power officials say they are working to get the power restored by Thursday.

On top of the power, more than a quarter of a million people do not have water.

It may be cold in Chicago, but Jenna Grimmer and her family say they could not be happier to return – landing at Midway – after their vacation in paradise ended abruptly with two major earthquakes.

"About 4:30 in the morning I woke up because I thought my sister was shaking my bed. But it turns out it was an earthquake,” Jenna Grimmer said.

"We had water, but we didn't have power. We were near San Juan so none of the town had power. So no streetlights. There were several accidents,” said Tracy Grimmer.

Joel Ruiz showed FOX 32 cellphone video he shot driving through downtown Guanica.

"Many people lose their house. Everything,” he said. "This house two levels. Now one level."

Ivy Robles and her family were visiting family in the mountains when the big quake hit.

"Very scary. He wakes me up and we just run out of the house at 4:24 in the morning. We couldn't sleep any more. It was shaking. We have a swimming pool and it was like wavy,” Robles said.

Airlines are adding flights to evacuate tourists.

Passengers we talked to say the San Juan airport was fine, but getting there was another story.

"I was worried about the airport having a problem. It was more an issue about driving. There were no stoplights on the streets yet the hotels had lights. So I thought you don't stop or you do stop and worry about it,” said Judy Lapetino of Plainfield.

"It was a little unnerving being in another--on an island away from the states. And so it's nice to kind of be back home,” Tracy Grimmer said.

One group of passengers we talked to still has family they left behind on the island, whom they say will be in their prayers.