Trouble in Toyland: Salvation Army's toy supply dangerously low ahead of Christmas

There is trouble in Toyland.

Not at Santa's workshop, but at the Salvation Army.

Typically, it has a stockpile of toys to give out to children by this time each year. However, this year, the supply is dangerously low — creating a Christmas emergency. 

Major Kendall Mathews of the Salvation Army believes the economy and inflation are taking a big bite out of holiday budgets this year.

The low supply has now led the Salvation Army to put out a call for help.

The easiest way for someone to help is to bring a toy to your local Salvation Army Corps Community Center. Then, they take care of the rest.

"Well, things are in a desperate state right now when it comes to having additional toys," said Mathews. "Right now, that's our main push because children need to wake up during Christmas and have joy on their face as opposed to any sadness."

Major Mathews says the Salvation Army is currently behind in its toy collection by about 4,000-5,000 toys.

If you can donate, the unwrapped toys should be for kids, aged five to 17 — although many older kids prefer gift cards.

Matthews says he hopes people step up and experience the joy of giving.