Trump, Bernie tapping into Americans' anger

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - On the surface, presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders couldn't be more different. Trump’s a Republican and Sanders is a Democrat.

But both candidates have something in common, and that’s that they've tapped into Americans’ anger.

“Because we've become weak, we've become weak, we really have become weak...just like our military, we've gotta take care of ISIS, we've gotta knock them out, we've gotta knock them out, we've gotta knock them out,” Trump said at a rally.

“And I thought that rather than have the middle class and working families of this country bail out Wall Street, I wanted the one percent to bail out Wall Street,” Sanders said.

CNN Money put together its own list to explain why Americans are angry. The number one reason is that earnings are flat - dollars the same as 1995. Number two is that the inequality is getting worse with one percenters gobbling up all the wealth. Number three is that things are tough for adults without a college degree. And finally, the job market is shrinking.