Trump supporters rally after health care defeat

A day after President Trump suffered a stinging defeat of his health care reform plan, about three dozen people rallied outside Trump Tower to show their support for the President.

They held signs, wore red “Make America Great Again” hats and sang patriotic songs. They also jawed with half a dozen anti-Trump demonstrators.

But the gloom shrouding much of the Trump Tower was not shared by those at the rally despite the fact that the President had just had the door slammed on his first major agenda item.

“Whether you like it or not, he's a negotiator.  If you read the book The Art of the Deal, he says that if negotiations don't work out, you leave the table and come back when it's at the point it needs to be. You negotiate from a point of strength, not a point of weakness,” said rally organizer Carey Lynch.

Police were on hand keeping counter demonstrators separated from those at the rally, but there were no problems. But Trump's supporters say there still are plenty of problems with Obamacare.

“We need him to be successful in the end otherwise this country's gonna go down the tubes. I've talked to people personally who are talking about getting $4000 per month health care bills under Obamacare, that's not sustainable. People can't do that. Nobody can afford that, so it needs to be fixed,” said John Pereira.

“I feel there was a lot of conservatives who weren't happy with the Paul Ryan version of the bill, and I think that this is a way that the President can move forward and really find a coalition going forward, it's really hard to get something passed when you don't have any Democratic support,” said Suzzanne Monk, another or the rally organizers.

They believe Trump and the Republicans will regroup and try again with a different bill, which they hope will have enough support to replace Obamacare.

“If we know it's broke, where is it broke, let's figure out where it's broke and let's fix it instead of just saying we don't want to talk about it,” Lynch said.