Twin Chicago doctors make medicine 'relatable, acceptable and fun'

FOX 32 NEWS - They are twin doctors who grew up on the South Side and are taking their efforts nationally.

Meet Jamil and Idries Abdur-Rahman, who are also known as the "Twin Doctors" on their YouTube channel. They’re medical doctors who happen to be brothers and partners in practice, and now local celebrities.

"The first thing we wanted to be is pilots but when we went to college, he wanted to be a doctor and I wanted to be social worker and the woman said, 'oh your brother is going to make more than you and I said that's a problem for me, so I said pre-med."

Dr. Jamil Abdur-Rahman and Dr. Idries Abdur-Rahman are specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, and practice with the Vista Health System. FOX 32 caught up with them at their Lindenhurst office.

Medicine is their love, but they got the TV bug after competing on the show The Amazing Race. That’s how their YouTube channel, Twin Doctors TV, was born.

"Our goal is to make medicine relatable, acceptable and fun."

Jamil and Idries are Chicago born and bred. They grew up in Hyde Park and graduated together at Rush University Medical School. Their YouTube TV topics cover everything from heart attacks to the latest health news.

"Sex helping your memory, that was a good one. There was a study that showed that people who have sex more often have better memories, we kind of played around with that like all the guys telling their wives, 'honey you are always saying you are can help me.'"

The twins also love to travel and have incorporated that into a video blog.

"We wanted to incorporate travel and medicine, so we started this blog where we travel in different areas and we talk about unique medical traditions or oddities in these areas."

It is their zest for life, their commitment to medicine and their fun loving nature that has helped them acquire a committed following, not only on  web TV but also  with their patients.

And what about the future? Their hoping with their twin bond and successful businesses combination that they can continue to combine medicine and TV while keeping the focus on their patients.