'Two flats! What the ***!' After crash, a long, loud & obscene fight in front of surveillance camera

As if hitting a sign at an eye doctor's office in Northwest Indiana was not bad enough, the people inside the car decided to make things worse for themselves.

They got out of the car and had a long, loud and obscenity-laden conversation in front of the surveillance camera at Fry's Eye Care in Hobart.

The driver of the silver or gray Toyota Prius hit the sign around 2 a.m. on Oct. 23. Two of the passengers get out and watch as the driver struggles to move the car forward. A horrible screeching noise and much swearing ensues:

  • "Two flats! What the f*** did you just do!"
  • "Holy f***ing sh**."
  • "How the f*** are you going to get two tires?"
  • "This is not even part of the street!"
  • "It's just the eye doctor!"

Unfortunately for this band of marauders, Hobart Police do not share the dismissive view that "it's just the eye doctor." Police ask anyone with information to contact Detective Gallagher at 219-942-1125 ext. 1135 or Mgallagher@cityofhobart.org.