Reported kidnapping attempt in Grayslake unfounded: police

Grayslake police determined a reported kidnapping attempt last Friday was unfounded. 

"Following an extensive investigation, the Grayslake Police Department determined the allegations of an attempted kidnapping on January 26th are unfounded. As this is a juvenile matter no further information or statements will be released and the case is now closed," a statement from the department read.

Police initially said the alleged attempted kidnapping happened in the late afternoon hours in the 700 block of Cherry Creek Drive. 

On Wednesday, police said the report was unfounded and the case was closed.

Mikkel Storaasli, Grayslake CHSD 127 Superintendent, released a statement to staff and students on Sunday morning before the attempted kidnapping attempt was ruled unfounded. 

"As you may be aware, a kidnapping attempt occurred in our area last Friday in the 700 block of Cherry Creek Dr., in the Cherry Creek subdivision. As you can read from the Police Statement included below this message, the investigation is ongoing. A description of the offender and vehicle is also provided. If you have any information regarding this incident, we urge you to contact the Grayslake Police Department immediately. There will be an increased police presence in our community this week, particularly during morning and afternoon bus times. 

When we conduct safety training each year in District 127, we spend time discussing situational awareness. Whether you are in the school building or out in the community, please stay fully aware of your surroundings, the people in it, and your situation. If something does not look or feel right, or if you feel your safety is threatened in any way, please report it to school officials or the Police Department."