U of I graduate documents attacks in Ukraine

His name is Terrell Starr.

He's never reported on TV before, but a trip to Ukraine left him in the middle of a war.

The University of Illinois graduate has been documenting what he sees.

"We were just driving in when these missiles struck this base," said Starr, who captured video after two missiles hit a Ukrainian military base.

One person was killed at the center in Brovary, Ukraine, and five were injured.

Starr says Ukraine has been a second home to him since 2009.

He visited in January to start a tourism business.

Starr decided to run into the middle of it.

"These are not highly trained individuals that are with the professional army. You are getting people that are museum directors, lawyers, people that work in science," said Starr.


For the last 31 years, Chicago and Kyiv, the Capital city of Ukraine, have been sister cities.

Sister Cities International is working with the Ukrainian Consulate in Chicago to get bulletproof vests.

There’s a strong need for the volunteer military members.

"They are afraid they will be hit," Vera Eliashevsky. Co-Chair of the Kyiv Committee of Chicago Sisters City International.

This is all still in the works, but Chicago Sister Cities International is hoping to partner with a delivery service to reduce the cost to get the vests delivered through Poland.