UAW strike update: Ford lays off 360+ more employees; 3,100 laid off since start of strike

More than 360 Ford employees were told not to report to work Monday as the UAW strike continues.

On Friday, the automaker laid off 10 additional employees at the Rawsonville Components Plant in Ypsilanti Township, Mich. and 354 workers at the Sharonville Transmission Plant in Sharonville, Ohio.

These newly laid off employees join 45 people who were previously laid off in Rawsonville and 306 previously laid off in Sharonville. 

Thousands of Big Three workers have been laid off since the strike started on Sept. 15.

Ford has laid off 3,100 employees, calling it a "knock-on effect" of the strike targeting several of its plants. UAW members are striking at three Ford facilities - Michigan Assembly, Chicago Assembly, and the Kentucky Truck Plant.

UAW President Shawn Fain blasted Ford during his weekly negotiation update on Friday, following a speech executive chair Bill Ford gave at the Rouge plant.

"Bill Ford went to the Rouge to talk the same old talk about staying sustainable and competitive. He said if the workers get their share of economic justice he would have to close plants like the Rouge, We took those comments seriously," Fain said.

Along with his criticism of Ford, Fain said that negotiation progress had been made with Stellantis and GM.

Fain hasn't ordered any additional plants to strike since Oct. 11, with the surprise addition of Kentucky Truck. After that announcement, he shared a chance in the way the union will strike plants. Instead of waiting until Fridays to announce who is going to the picket line, he would announce it whenever negotiations were not making progress. 

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