Uber passengers can now easily call 911 during emergency

Uber passengers in the Chicago area can now call 911 with the press of a button.

The ride share company is using new technology to make riders and drivers safer. They’ve partnered with a company called Rapid SOS, created by Michael Martin, who grew up in Indiana.

Uber launched the technology in 2018. It has expanded to more than 2,000 cities, including Chicago. Over 5,000 law enforcement agencies across the country also use it because it’s so effective in an emergency.

"I think most of us don't realize just how hard it can be in the middle of an emergency to get out your phone, dial a number and have a conversation where you articulate your name, your address, exactly what is occurring. So now, inside the Uber app, you can open the Safety Tool Kit, and basically swipe and instantly 911 gets all that critical information immediately on their screen," said creator Michael Martin.

Rapid SOS says 150-million emergencies were reported using the product last year.