Unseasonably warm October in Chicago: Residents enjoy sunshine before sweater weather

It might still feel like summer out, but don't let the warm-up fool you!

Many residents were seen soaking up the sun and enjoying a stroll in the suburbs Monday as the area will only see 80-degree days for a bit longer.

Some people told FOX 32 that they had to get outside for at least an hour, while others said they are ready to bust out their sweaters now that it's October. 

"Honestly, I was just reflecting on how I wish it was more like fall weather. It is kinda freaking me out that it's so hot," said Jamie Harris, Skokie resident. "I gotta at least get out today, so I found a reason to so I don't have to be sitting at my desk all day."

FOX 32's Chief Meteorologist Emily Wahls said temps could hit 90 Monday!