Update: 5 teens arrested for raping 17-year-old in Mint Hill

Five teenagers have been arrested for allegedly raping a 17-year-old girl in Mint Hill Thursday and then leaving her naked on the side of the road, the Mint Hill Police Department announced Friday, November 20.

The girl, whose identity was not released because of the nature of the crime, was found naked and unresponsive along Stoney Trace Drive around Noon Thursday. Police said the victim had "apparent signs of a violent sexual assault" when they found her. She was badly bruised and covered in fecal matter, according to search warrants.

The victim went to Presbyterian Main for treatment. Doctors determined she was sexually assaulted and had been partially strangled, according to search warrants.

Police say some of the suspects videotaped the rape and posted it on Snapchat.

At one point a video showed the suspects in the bedroom where the victim was, with one shouting, "I'm next, whose next. Chill, it's a process."

Neighbors believe there was a loud party going on inside an apartment building in the area where the assault took place.

Police have arrested five suspects for the rape. Jhovany Roman, 17; Felix Reyes, 16; Eduardo Garcis, 16; and two other 15-year-olds were arrested. The names of the 15-year-old suspects were not released because of their age.

All five have been charged with three counts of felony conspiracy. Additionally, Reyes, Roman and the 15-year-old suspects have been charged with first degree rape, first degree sex fffense, one count of assault by strangulation inflicting physical injury.

Police said more suspects may be charged. The investigation is ongoing.