See it: Utah town cracks down on pole-dancing skeleton display

It's the talk out of the town in Grantsville, Utah. Residents are buzzing about a certain Halloween display and the way it's blown up on social media. 

It all started days ago when Christopher Fujishin put up the skeleton pole dancer on the city street sign. He says the only backlash he received was a neighbor who kept coming over to cut it down. 

"Maybe a little risqué for some people but it's all in the name of fun," Fujishin offered.


Then the city posted the display to its Facebook page, telling him he had until 9 p.m. to remove it since it's against city code. 

The post took off, drawing support but also critical comments like, "I guess teaching our children respect, decency, and manners has gone by the side." 

"If your kids understand what that is, maybe the problem's not the skeleton dancing on the pole. Maybe it's something else," Fujishin said.

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Fujishin moved the skeletons off city property and that night made the display even bigger, adding lights, music, and more skeletons. 

Neighbors are even dropping off their own decorations to add to it. 

"We look forward to keeping this going and getting a little more elaborate as we go," Fujishin added.