Victim of disgraced former Chicago police sergeant files lawsuit, speaks out

Two victims linked to disgraced ex-Chicago Police Sergeant Ronald Watts have filed a lawsuit to get a report released.

The 33-page document shows the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) recommended Alvin Jones be fired for falsifying reports against two people who were arrested in 2005.

The report says Watts and Jones demanded Ben Baker pay them to protect his business and arrested him when he refused.

Clarissa Glenn was driving Baker at the time and was arrested as well.


Police claimed to have found narcotics in her car, but the two say it was watts who planted it.

"No one would listen — except for the men who are standing behind me. No one believed me — except for the men that are standing behind me, and my family, and the ones who also have been affected the same way that I have been. I did not — have not — ever sold drugs. Because I voiced my opinion to these officers, because I spoke the truth to these officers, I was punished," Glenn said.

Baker and Glenn were exonerated in 2016.

In the past six years, about 250 drug convictions tied to Watts have been overturned.