VIDEO: Baltimore police exchange gunfire with robbery suspects

Police in Baltimore have released surveillance footage of a police-involved shooting during an armed robbery of a 7-Eleven store early Tuesday morning.

Around 1:10 a.m. Tuesday, officers were alerted to a robbery in progress at the convenience store. Several officers quickly responded to the scene while two suspects remained inside of the store.

Surveillance video shows the suspects walking towards the front entrance as officers swing open the door. At that time one of the suspects begins firing on the officers, prompting the officers to return fire through the doorway.

None of the officers were struck by gunfire, and police are uncertain whether or not either of the suspects was wounded in the shootout. Officers checked area hospitals for anyone who may have shown up with gunshot wounds.

No employees or customers were injured in the incident.

The suspects turn and run back into the store, and flee the building on foot in opposite directions.

Police are continuing to search for the suspects and have described the suspect who opened fire as a tall black male, wearing a mask and dark coat. The second suspect has been described as a shorter black male wearing all black clothing with a white scarf around his face.

Police said in a press conference Tuesday the second suspect was also armed but did not fire on the officers.