VIDEO: Man witnesses shooting of two DC police officers, suspect

A man who witnessed the police-involved shooting that left two D.C. officers injured and the suspect dead spoke to FOX 5 about what he saw.

D.C. police said Friday that it is unclear if the suspect shot both the officers or if there may have been a “friendly fire” situation. The investigation is ongoing.

Darren Watson said he started recording Thursday night after the suspect fired a gun at police at the intersection of Holbrook and Morse Streets in Northeast D.C.

He said before that, he saw the suspect walking down the street quickly and then watched as an officer got out of an unmarked car and approached him.

“The [suspect] knew he was after him,” Watson said. “So the guy started running.”

He said the suspect ran right into the unmarked car and then got in a struggle with the officer chasing him and another officer.

“[The suspect] was fighting back and was told to stop resisting,” Watson said.

He said the suspect fired off five to seven shots in quick succession. Police said it was a semi-automatic weapon. 

In the beginning of Watson's video, you can hear someone yelling, "Shots fired!" Seconds later, there are three audible gunshots which Watson believes came from an officer firing at the suspect, who can be seen on the ground.

One of the two officers then falls to the ground, and immediately, multiple officers ran toward the scene.

Acting D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham said that the prognosis for both officers involved in the shooting is "excellent." He said one of the officers has already been released from the hospital.

Newsham identified the deceased suspect as 47-year-old Timothy Lionel Williams. He has no fixed address.

Newsham said officers body cameras were recording during the incident.

"Officers had activated their body-worn cameras before the foot pursuit began," Newsham said.

It is up to Mayor Muriel Bowser to release that footage.

"It would be my recommendation to her that we should release it," Newsham said.

He said D.C.'s Crime Suppression Team was already in the area because gunshots had been reported earlier in the evening Thursday. He gave no specifics about why officers were trying to arrest the suspect.


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