Video shows Chicago drivers being unfairly ticketed

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Have you ever been given a City of Chicago parking ticket you didn't believe you deserved?

Well, some Chicago drivers were hit with $60 tickets Wednesday when they shouldn't have, and they showed FOX 32 the video proof.

"It feels like an undeserved ticket at this point. These signs were not here when I parked last night,” said Joseph Castleberry. "I got home from work about 2 o’clock last night. I’m in the house all night. And I come out this morning with a ticket on my car."

He was accused of ignoring a street cleaning on Hoyne near Grand Avenue that must have been scheduled, but never posted.

How does he know?

"I have surveillance cameras on my house, so I go back and watch my footage and I see that they ticket me and then put up the sign for the next day,” he said.

That’s right. The video shows the parking enforcement aide come to ticket, and later it shows the worker who was supposed to put up the ‘no parking’ signs.

"All I see is a meter maid lady come by around 10:30 and start ticketing the cars. So I keep rewinding forward and about an hour later, someone else comes around and starts posting the signs up,” Castleberry said.

But the signs he's posting say Thursday. So first, no signs and then, the wrong signs.

“I don't want to call people out on what they do -but i am paying the price for it and I’m sure several other people are,” Castleberry said.

Like his neighbor, Al Gates.

"If they would admit their mistake that would be nice. We don't want to hang anybody. We don't want to crucify anybody. We’re law abiding on this block. We’d like to be treated fairly, that's all,” he said.

And now, after FOX 32 told the city what happened, the department of finance called to tell us that those tickets will be thrown out.

In addition, the department will be talking to the parking enforcement aide and her supervisor to make sure they understand that the ‘no parking’ signs need to be posted. If they are not, people should not be ticketed.