Video shows South Side gas station being looted by group of teens

It was a wild scene at a South Side gas station. A group of teenagers took over the store, stealing anything they could grab.

The video, which was posted to Facebook by a gas station customer, shows the teens spilling out of the store laughing and then running off with their stolen food. It happened around 8:20 p.m. Halloween night at the BP on 66th and Stony Island.

Store security cameras captured the moment when between 15 and 20 teens pushed through the door and began ransacking the shelves, taking bags of chips, candy and drinks from the store's cooler.

Some of the teens tried to hide their faces, and others didn't care.

The clerk on duty stayed inside the bulletproof booth and called police. In less than a minute, the teens were back outside and gone.

That same night just a few blocks away in Hyde Park, roving groups of teens wreaked havoc, smashing and egging about two dozen cars though it's not known if they're the same teens who looted the gas station.

Chicago police say they are investigating that looting incident, but so far they have not asked for a copy of the surveillance video.