Violence spikes over Mother's Day weekend

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -- Another violent weekend in Chicago even after a group of mothers pleaded with people to stop the violence. This Mother’s Day weekend Chicago police are reporting 8 people have been shot and killed and another 40 wounded since Friday afternoon.

Included in the 8 killed, so far this weekend, is a 35-year-old man shot on Lake Shore Drive and a 58-year-old father sitting down to dinner in the Archer Heights neighborhood.

Police say it was around 8pm Saturday night when bullets ripped through a home in the 5200 block of South Kolin.  Andres Rivera the 58-year-old homeowner was sitting in his kitchen when he was struck in the head by a bullet and died at the scene.

Louis Murrilo lives across the street and says Rivera was a hardworking good man, husband and father. 

“Very sorry for the lady, my wife and I occasionally talked to her -- she was a hardworking lady too,” said Murrillo.

Police say the shooting may be gang-related, but Rivera was not the intended target. No one is in custody. 

This homicide and so many others can be stopped said community activist Andrew Holmes at a Sunday night press conference.

“You have people out here that can help you he can help you change your music,” he said outside the gates of the Mt. Hope cemetery on the city’s South Side.

Holmes says so many of the victims of senseless killings end up in this cemetery, including his own daughter who was killed in August in Indianapolis.
“We have to do this as a team because earlier if you looked over there that place as so packed it looked like drive thru,” said Michael Airhart who stood next to Holmes Sunday.

Airhart was with two others who have dedicated their lives to helping Chicago's youth with music and theater programs that can keep them off the street.

“I teach them dance, I take them to state to national competitions,” said Reese Dilla who owns Final Phaze Dance Group.

Holmes said there are other ways of life than on the streets, but you have to reach out.

“Join us get in touch with us, learn to live, learn to love each other,” said Holmes.

Last month there were 36 murders - a decrease compared to January, February and March of this year.  The month of May is not starting out well with at least 17 murders and 90 shootings.