Kamala Harris joins leaders in Chicago to talk reproductive rights

Vice President Kamala Harris was the featured speaker at a political rally at the University of Illinois-Chicago’s Isadore and Sadie Dorin Forum Friday afternoon.

Harris leads Democrats in a discussion on reproductive rights, an issue that UIC students say is important to them.

Friday marks Harris' fourth visit to Illinois since taking office. She will join Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton to highlight Illinois as a safe haven for abortion rights. 

Other states have moved quickly to make abortion illegal, after the Supreme Court overturned the historic Roe v. Wade decision. Illinois already is seeing increased demand for women’s health services. 


UIC students said they are glad to see the vice president speaking on the issue of abortion.

Sritrithi K. said it was a big initiative for Harris. 

"People might think abortion rights don't affect them, but they affect everybody," Sritrithi said. "It's not only a woman's issue. Everybody is affected so I think it's really cool that she's coming here, taking initiative, taking the time to talk and spread awareness."

Micai Merriweather said the vice president is a role model for her. 

"I think that she’s being a role model even just speaking about it in public as a woman in her position, just speaking about abortion rights, is a really big step. For me, it's a confidence booster. If she can do it, I can do it too," Merriweather said.

The Illinois Republican Party issued a statement in response to Harris' visit:

"Vice President Harris' visit comes on the heels of another round of record inflation numbers this week caused by the failed policies of the Biden Administration. Meanwhile, Chicago crossed the grim milestone of 500 homicides this week. Instead of ducking and deflecting, the Vice President needs to answer questions regarding the Biden Administration's role in fueling the inflation crisis, and where she stands on Governor Pritzker and Mayor Lightfoot's failure to keep our communities safe."