Walrus calves make their public debut at SeaWorld Orlando

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Starting December 13th, SeaWorld Orlando park guests are able to see two walrus calves, Ginger and Aku, at the park's Wild Arctic habitat. 

SeaWorld says that the calves were introduced to each other last month after Aku was rescued from a gold mining dredge off of the coast of Alaska. Ginger, however, was born at SeaWorld Orlando this past June.

Because of Ginger's age, suitability as a social companion, and SeaWorld's expertise in raising orphaned walrus calves, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) decided to send Aku to Orlando. 

Ginger and Aku have socialized together and received around-the-clock care for several weeks as their new home at the Wild Arctic habitat was being prepared. SeaWorld Orlando says that the revamped space will give guests the opportunity to view Ginger and Aku from multiple angles, either below or above water alongside harbor seals.

The Wild Arctic habitat also includes several other animal species that can be found in the Arctic including adult Pacific walruses and beluga whales.

Guests will be able to see Ginger and Aku socialize, play with environmental enrichment devices, and interact with their care staff, including bottle feedings several times a day. 

In the wild, walruses face significant threats, including habitat loss due to declining floating sea ice and a dwindling food supply. SeaWorld Orlando hopes the opportunity to see Ginger and Aku at Wild Artic will inspire park guests to learn more about these incredible animals, the plight of walruses in the wild, and all we can do to help.

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