Watch: Adorable rescue goat learns to walk with prosthetic legs

Dr. Martin Kaufmann in Westminster, Colorado, has countless success stories of successfully fitting pets for prosthetics, but this week’s patient was special.

Stanley the goat was born without back legs before he was saved by a rescue farm in Fort Lupton, KDVR's Evan Kruegel reports. His rescuers thought he may never walk again; they wondered what kind of life he’d have at the farm.

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With the help of Dr. Kaufmann, Stanley is doing more than just walking: he’s thriving.

"One of the best parts about anticipating how our animal patients will do after we fit them with a prosthetic is wondering how long it takes them to understand what's going on. And that eureka moment when you see them realize, Oh, I can just be normal again. That's awesome. And off they go. It just melts your heart."