WATCH: Big brother catches baby falling from changing table

A nine-year-old South Florida boy is being hailed a hero after rushing across the room when he saw his baby brother falling from the changing table and snatching him up just in time.

Lila Levi told WSVN that she had just placed her 11-month-old baby on the table at her home in Bal Harbour when she turned her back for only a few moments while she was tended to the rest of her five children.

That's when surveillance video captures the moment the baby rolls onto his stomach, then off the edge of the changing table.

The baby's nine-year-old brother, Joseph, runs into the frame of the video with his arms outstretched, catching his baby brother just in time.  “I was just getting everyone ready for bed. I was home alone with the five kids, and at first I said, ‘I messed up. I did something wrong,'” said Tila, “but then I realized that, really, it was a miracle," she told WSVN.

“I just said to him, ‘You just saved your baby brother. You saved his life. You’re a hero,'” said Tila.

Joseph still can't believe that he made it there in time. “Miracles can happen always, but since this time it was me, I’m really thankful,” he told WSVN. 

His mother says she shared the video because she wanted other parents to know that it truly does only take a second and she hopes it serves as a reminder to always be vigilant. “It can happen to anybody, she said. "Obviously, I am more careful, but at the end of the day, it happens in a second, and I think that all of our lives can change in a second.”