WATCH: Momma bear helps baby cubs cross the street safely

An adorable video of a momma bear helping her cubs safely cross the road at the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee is melting hearts across the internet.

In the video posted by Entering Cades Cove-Faye Sykes Photography, a couple of the cubs are seen straggling behind in the road and momma bear comes over to give them some encouragement.

The video also serves as reminder to slow down when you are driving in or near national parks. 

"I love bears and want people to learn to co-exist with them since we are building in their homes," Faye Sykes tells Fox 35. " I think this video shows how amazing momma bears are."

To help injured and orphaned bears, the following centers accept donations:

  • The Wildlife Center of Virginia, Waynesboro, VA. 
  • Appalachian Bear Rescue, Townsend, TN 
  • Joel Rosenthal(Point of View Farm) Hillsboro, WV.