'Watcher' star Maika Monroe on the importance of keeping horror films grounded in reality

Hollywood could be on the verge of a new scream queen as actress Maika Monroe stars in the new horror film "Watcher," adding yet another big screen thriller to her already impressive resume.

"Watcher" stars Monroe as a young woman sent to the brink of madness when she notices a strange man watching her in the building across the street.

Monroe spoke with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton about her long history in the horror genre, dating back to her buzzed-about 2014 film "It Follows," which helped put her on the map.


"Honestly, it has been so much time since ‘It Follows,’ so it has felt like – it’s just a completely different experience," said Monroe. "But I think for me what’s so important is, with the horror genre and acting in the horror genre, is just making it as grounded as possible."

"Watcher" hits theaters Friday.