Waze introduces new 'Gas Station Feature,' allowing drivers to find cheapest gas in their area

Waze created a new gas station feature on the app that notifies drivers of nearby gas stations, and prompts them to update the price of gas, so that other users can find the cheapest prices in their area.


Waze gave the following tips to drivers on how to maximize fuel and drive times:

  • Drivers can select their preferred type of gas within settings, so that they are able to find the type of gas they need.
  • Drivers can minimize costs by using the real-time pricing information.
  • Drivers can avoid surprises along their route by entering their destination and desired time of arrival. Waze will let the driver know when they should leave based on real-time traffic
  • Drivers can tailor their route to their car.

Recently, OPEC announced it will cut oil production by two-million barrels, which could lead to higher gas prices.