Wedding ring lost in Lake Tahoe during ceremony rescued by scuba diver

A couple’s wedding vows took an alarming turn when the bride’s ring fell into the waters of Lake Tahoe during the ceremony.

Andrew and Marlee Kent, from Vancouver, Washington, were getting married on a dock at the scenic Northern California lake when the groom dropped the ring, according to reports.

Until that moment, everything was perfect, the bride recalled.

"It was going off without a hitch, and I was thinking in my head, ‘No weddings just go without a hitch, or did we just crack the code,’" Marlee told KTXL

Things went south during the ring exchange. 

When Andrew took Marlee’s diamond ring out of its box, it fell onto the dock and through a gap in the boards into the lake. 

"Like, what are the chances?" Andrew said.

Though Andrew considered jumping into the lake to retrieve the ring, the minister convinced him not to, CBS13 reported. 

Instead, they completed the ceremony.

"Inside I was like, okay, we’ll get it back," Marlee told KTXL. "We’ll get it back."


The couple later turned to the Tahoe Scuba Diving Facebook group for help, the station reported. 

The group’s founder, Phil Abernathy, came to their rescue the next day. 

"It’s one of those, the sooner the better, don’t hesitate," Abernathy told KTXL.

According to the station, Abernathy spent about 30 minutes moving rocks under water around before he found the ring.