Wendy's customer asks for extra mayo, gets way more than she expected

That’s probably way too much mayonnaise.

A seemingly frustrated Wendy’s customer took to social media to complain about how the restaurant handled her order. Apparently, after having issues placing the order, the woman received a chicken sandwich with more mayonnaise than she was expecting.



I’ll NEVA eat Wendy’s again !! Then asked if she can offer me a frosty #mad #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #fy

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Crysten Chyvonn posted a video to her TikTok account showing off the chicken sandwich. According to her, she didn’t realize how much mayonnaise was on the sandwich until she got home. As she unwraps the sandwich, what can only be described as a massive amount of mayonnaise appears.

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She explains that the woman working at the Wendy’s got her order wrong multiple times and that she had asked for a chicken sandwich with extra mayo. The sandwich she received appears to have more mayonnaise than chicken and is also missing the lettuce and tomato.


In another video, Chyvonn says she brought the sandwich back to the restaurant and was offered a sundae.

Since posting the original video, it has been viewed over 4.8 million times.

In the comments, many users seemed to sympathize with Chyvonn. One user wrote, "We all know they did it to be petty."

Another user added, "There’s a difference between extra mayo and so much that it’s leaking onto the bun."

Other users, however, seemed amused by the whole situation. One user joked, "You got extra mayo, what’s the issue?"

Others commented about how it’s a bad idea to argue with fast-food workers, with one user writing, "The moment an argument start with the fast food people, I just leave."

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