West Chicago artist using his music to provide coronavirus relief

A local man is using music to provide COVID relief.

RJ Griffith's latest song is called "Survive." He teamed up with Chicago artists Caleb Taylor, Pia Renee, Rhyan Lamarr, Genius Picaso (producer) and Charlie Davis (writer) to create the new single.

"We're living in a world where people are full of depression and anxiety and they're full of, they're hopeless," said Griffith, a West Chicago native.

In 2017, during a round of Chicago Public School layoffs, Griffith lost his teaching job and nearly everything else. He knows what it feels like to lose hope.

"Right before I was about to take my own life, my spirit told me to write the song 'Good Day' and that's how that song came about," said Griffith.


Griffith's title song became the theme song for FOX 32's Good Day Chicago morning show.

In hopes of making a difference with his latest song, Griffith and the other artists involved decided to create and sell a protective facemask with the single cover art on it. Proceeds benefit The Chicago Community COVID-19 Response Fund, which supports nonprofit organizations in vulnerable neighborhoods suffering from the effects of the virus, and By The Hand Kids Club which helps children who live in under-resourced neighborhoods.

Facemasks can be purchased by going to www.rjgriffith.com/survive.