What kind of impact does the Illinois primary have on the presidential race?

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Donald Trump’s victories on Tuesday put him back on track to win the Republican Party's presidential nomination, and it raises the stakes for next week's showdown.

Votes will be counted in Illinois, as well as in Ohio and Florida, and it may be the last chance Trump’s foes will get to stop him.

They couldn't stop him Tuesday, despite spending tens of millions of dollars. Trump crowed about that as he claimed victory.

“And I don't think I've ever had so many horrible, horrible things said about me in one week. Thirty-eight million dollars worth of horrible lies. But that's OK,” Trump said.

Those attacking him insist it's the truth, and Illinoisans will see a lot more in the next seven days.

Anti-Donald Trump ads airing in the last week cost at least $13.2 million. That compares to a mere $1.3 million the anti-Trump forces spent a month ago, as the New York billionaire was rolling up his early victories.

The ad campaign, though, appears to have taken a toll. An exit survey of Republican voters in Michigan for FOX News found only 13 percent regard Trump as trustworthy and honest, which is dead last among the candidates. He was also dead last among voters who say he shares their values, just 12 percent.

He didn't fare well, either, with voters who decided in the last few days: Ohio Gov. John Kasich got 35 percent of them, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz 31 percent, Trump 23 percent, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio 10 percent.

Clearly concerned about those numbers, Trump spent a lot of time Tuesday night answering the attacks on him and proclaiming his commitment to moral values. And with the campaign moving to Illinois, he talked about where he plans to be next Tuesday night.

“And in Illinois I have one of the greatest buildings in the world. In Chicago, I have one of the greatest buildings, rated the Number 1 hotel in North America, maybe we'll do it right in Chicago,” Trump said.

If Trump wins Illinois, Florida and Ohio, he’s most likely going to become the Republican presidential nominee.