Wheelchair-bound teen will stand thanks to gift from veteran-owned company

The Lake County, Florida teenager who became a viral sensation on social media when he took a stand from his wheelchair to honor the American flag will be standing more often, thanks to a special gift.

Arek Trenholm, who has only stood up from his wheelchair on his own two times in the last seven years, was born with spina bifida, a congenital condition that affects the development of the backbone and spinal cord.  Now, he will get some much needed help.  

Scott Liesch works for The Standing Company, a Michigan-based business owned by a veteran that makes standing wheelchairs.  When the owner of the company saw a photograph online of Arek hoisting himself up by his arms at a Leesburg Homecoming parade to honor the American flag, they decided then and there to thank Arek with one of their standing wheelchairs.