White Sox fan gifts Cubs fan with kidney donation

An incredible gift was given from a diehard White Sox fan to a diehard Cubs fan. It is living proof that even rivals can come together when the need is there.

This time, it was in the form of a kidney donation.

“I just was inspired by stories like that online. And my doctors and the National Kidney Foundation pushed spreading the word cause I didn't have a live donor around me,” said kidney recipient Bridget Knoll

Knoll was able to spread the word with a poster that read, “This lil cubbie needs a kidney," that she showcased at a game.

“I said this is perfect time to do the poster and make it all pretty, I contacted Cubs media and they took my photo and put me on THEIR social media,” said Knoll.

Tom D’Alessio saw that post, and stepped up.

“You have the ability to help someone, it's your moral obligation to do so.  I donated plasma in college, I've been on the bone marrow transplant list since I was 17, 18 and once I saw it I decided to go for it, instead of saying I wish I could do something like that, just do it,” said kidney donor D'Alessio.

“It's a big game changer. Thomas is such a nice person for doing all of this, the transplant was July 8. It was originally scheduled for March 26, but due to COVID, all elective surgeries got cancelled, so we had to wait a few for months then they called us in June, rescheduled it, and it happened July 8, 2020, and I feel great. So much better than dialysis,” said Knoll.. 

This is proof that even in 2020, rivals can get along. 

“I feel like everybody should get along more,” said Knoll.