Who is Hollywood throwing tomatoes at for their bad summer?

You Can Blame These Guys For Hollywood’s Bad Summer!


Movies like Transformers, King Arthur, and Pirates of the Caribbean brought Hollywood its worst summer in 20 years!


The domestic box office only brought in $3.8 million this summer bringing the revenue down by 14%. Hollywood’s response? They’re throwing tomatoes at Rotten Tomatoes!


The idea is that the website’s judgment process isn’t thorough enough and could be compared to a sort of Yelp-Like review service of movies where people are turned away before giving them a chance.

The Vice President of Rotten Tomatoes, Jeff Voris, was quick to defend this saying:


“We have a well-defined process. “Our curators audit each other’s work. If there is any question about how a review should be classified, we have three curators separate and do independent reads. If there still isn’t agreement, we call the journalist. “I actually think [the review process] is the opposite of simplified. It’s incredibly layered.”


Do you think Rotten Tomatoes is at fault?