Wienermobile offering stays on Airbnb this weekend

It's a hot dog of a deal in Chicago.

For the first time in history, some lucky couples will be spending the night in Oscar Mayer's iconic Wienermobile.

It may just be the tastiest Airbnb you will ever see.

Professional Hot Dogger Jake Walczyk gave FOX 32 a tour of the Airbnb that has plenty of sizzle.

America's most famous fiberglass hot dog was listed on Airbnb and within hours, three lucky couples had booked a stay this weekend in Evanston.

"One of the most frequently asked questions I get while I'm on the road as a Hot Dogger is 'do you guys sleep in the Wienermobile?' And so it all kind of came together and we thought it would be a cool idea to allow hot dog lovers to stay in the Wienermobile," said Hot Dogger Alex Hancher.

But this isn't your father's Wienermobile. Oscar Mayer engineers added some special accommodations.

"So we have a comfortable couch right here that actually pulls out to become a full-size bed. Can comfortable sleep two," Walczyk said.

There is also a flat screen TV, microwave, Wienermobile artwork, and of course, a fridge stocked with hot dogs.

The one thing the Wienermobile does not have is a bathroom. So private facilities will be parked right next door, including a shower.

"I thought it would be really great for a getaway for my husband and I. All three of the kids might be a little tight," said Sarah Zematis of Evanston.

The price?

"It's actually only $136 dollars because Oscar Mayer's been around 136 years," Walczyk said.

Just leave your ketchup at home.