Wife claims husband was fired over excessive gas

A Pennsylvania man who was allegedly fired from his job at a pork company over excessive flatulence has described the ordeal as “very embarrassing.”

Richard Clem, 70, a former comptroller for Case Pork Roll Company, weighed 420 pounds when he underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2010, the New York Daily News reported. The procedure reportedly caused him to suffer from extreme gas and diarrhea.

“It was very dangerous,” Clem told the NY Daily News. “More than once, I’m arriving for work and I’m up the steps and into the bathroom right away. You don’t hold it in. You don’t do it. You’re not going to make it. I always kept a change of clothes at work just in case,” he said.

Flem’s wife, Louann, filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the company after he was fired in 2014. According to the news report, Louann quit her job the day he was fired due to “harassment and discrimination her husband faced.”

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