Willie Wilson to make a run for Dick Durbin's Senate seat

Businessman Willie Wilson is setting his sights on the United States Senate.

The businessman ran to be Chicago’s mayor, but now he's hoping to replace Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.

“He’s been a failure all his life in politics. He never had a job. When he got out of law school, all he did was went into office. He spent other people's money, taxpayers', hasn't spent nothin' of his own,” Wilson said.

Wilson, who says he is a multi-millionaire, plans to self-finance his campaign.

A spokesperson for Durbin noted that Wilson in the past has claimed himself a President Donald Trump supporter. But Wilson says that's not relevant to this contest.

“This race is not about President Trump. It's about me and Dick Durbin. So that is some old news. We all have supported different people for different reasons. This is my own party. I'm not a Republican or Democrat,” Wilson said.

There is also a Republican nominee for the US Senate. He is Mark Curran.