'Chaos on Chaucer': See this eerie Halloween house in Cook County

Willow Springs, known for its eerie legends and stories, is living up to its spooky reputation this Halloween.

FOX 32's journey to explore the most spine-chilling Halloween decorations brings us to "Chaos on Chaucer," a display that promises a ghoulish experience for visitors. The decorations are a macabre medley of skeletons, spiders, witches, aliens, and pirates, but with an eco-friendly twist – most of these eerie adornments are crafted from recycled materials.

The town of Willow Springs is no stranger to haunting tales, with one of its most famous ghost stories involving "Resurrection Mary." According to legend, Resurrection Mary met her tragic fate after a night of dancing at the Willowbrook Ballroom along the spectral Archer Avenue and is believed to be buried at Resurrection Cemetery.

As Halloween enthusiasts explore Willow Springs, "Chaos on Chaucer" stands out as a must-visit spot for those seeking the perfect mix of fright and fun.