Wisconsin man in wheelchair completes his journey to Wrigley Field

FOX 32 NEWS - It’s been nearly two months since the Cubs won the World Series and the city went crazy. But there was yet another celebration at the corner of Clark and Addison on Friday.

This time, people gathered to cheer a remarkable achievement by a Cubs fan in a wheelchair.

Dennis Schulze started his hundred mile journey to Wrigley Field two weeks ago. The Beloit, Wisconsin native pushed himself through snow and cold about seven miles a day.

On Friday, Schulze strapped on his prosthetic leg for the last half mile, walking the final steps with supporters and well-wishers as he finally arrived at the friendly confines.

It’s been a long road back for Schulze, a former truck driver who lost his leg in 2012 after a horrific crash on the Borman Expressway.

Rather than sulk, Schulze decided to take action.

"Sure bad things happen. But good news happens, too. Don't always put the bad news upfront,” Schulze said.
Shulze says he was inspired to take his journey after the Cubs won the World Series this year.

Watching fans celebrate his favorite team's first championship in 108 years, he decided to push himself to Wrigley Field and raise money for some of his favorite charities along the way.

"If my story touches your heart and it's in your heart, then you got a reason to donate. Don't just give money because you think I need it. Read my story and now you donate to the right causes,” Schulze said.

And it has touched hundreds, including complete strangers who greeted him at the ballpark.

"Well I was reading about Dennis's journey yesterday in the newspaper and I just felt compelled to come out and walk with Dennis,” said supporter Tricia Fitzgerald. "And to see that Dennis has been through so much, and so selflessly is out here in this cold weather raising money for so many great causes...I had to come out."

You can learn more about Schulze and some of the charities he's supporting by going to his Facebook page: Dennis's Journey.