Wisconsin man running naked in parking lot on 'tons of acid,' he allegedly told cops

Wisconsin man was arrested last weekend after he was allegedly caught running around naked while claiming to be on "tons of acid."

Benjamin Snapp, 29, was arrested on June 29 after he was found running around a parking lot and yelling incoherently, the La Crosse Tribune reported.

Authorities found Snapp in a parking lot, where they said he appeared to be "under the influence of drugs."

When the man was asked why he was running around naked, he allegedly told police officers: "You already know, man. ... There's nothing wrong with this. ... Oh, that's what all those drugs are for."

"Are you really going to make a [expletive] deal out of this?" Snapp asked police, according to the news outlet. He allegedly said he took "a lot of drugs," and questioned: "What's wrong with being a heroin addict?"

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