Woman accused of killing, dismembering Chicago landlord pleads not guilty

A woman accused of killing and dismembering the owner of a Chicago boarding house pled not guilty Friday.

Sandra Kolalou, 36, was charged in October in the death of her 69-year-old landlord, Frances Walker.

Around 2:30 a.m. on Oct. 10, tenants in a home in the 5900 block of North Washtenaw Avenue heard screaming. Police say they tried texting and calling their landlord — identified as 63-year-old Francis Walker — to make sure everything was OK. They got a text response back, but it was later discovered that the response was sent by the murder suspect — Kolalou.

Later in the day around 6 or 7 p.m., after not being able to contact Walker all day, the tenants called police to report a missing person.

When officers arrived at the scene, Kolalou was leaving the home and heading to a tow truck that she had called and paid for using Walker's credit card, police said they later learned.

Officers attempted to interview Kolalou at the scene, but she allegedly told police she knew her rights and didn't want to talk to officers.

The other tenants made clear to police that they were afraid of Kolalou, according to CPD. Previous 911 calls had been made by some in the home regarding the suspect.

Kolalou then asked the tow truck driver to take her to Foster Beach where her car was parked, so that it could be towed, police said.

The tenants were concerned for the tow truck driver's safety, so they exchanged information with the driver and told the driver they felt Kolalou was dangerous, police said.

The tow truck driver then communicated with the tenants that once he got to Foster Beach, Kolalou had placed a large bag in a garbage can, police said.

Some of the tenants had actually followed the tow truck driver to the beach and discovered inside the bag were "bloody rags," police said.


The tenants then contacted police and officers came to the beach and collected the bloody rags.

According to police, officers at the home on the city's North Side searched the residence and at first did not find evidence of foul play. However, after discovering the bloody rags, officers searched again and were able to find some additional blood inside Kolalou's room.

Officers then discovered some of Walker's remains inside a freezer in the home.

At that time, police say Kolalou was still with the tow truck driver and had threatened the driver with a knife for communicating with the other tenants.

Officers responded to where the tow truck driver and Kolalou were and took the suspect into custody for allegedly pulling a knife on the driver.

Prosecutors say Walker had served Kolalou with an eviction notice before she was killed.