Woman accuses suburban police of beating her up

A woman's injuries have sparked outrage on social media with some claiming she was beat up by police.

But now, the chief has spoken out against those accusations.

Sauk Village police deny they beat up the woman and the chief says they may take legal action against those spreading the false accusations.

While in police custody at the Sauk Village police department, Andrea Morris went on Facebook Live with her face cut up and bruised, and her left eye swollen and bulging. She says the injuries were caused by police.

“The police tased me, I don't even know what happened after that, my whole face is f****ed up. I look like a different person,” she said.

Then at least one follower commented on the video saying "Sauk Village police beat her in her sleep!" That comment was liked and shared numerous times, spiraling out of control and spreading accusations the police chief says simply are not true.

He says Morris was trespassing on her ex-girlfriend's property. The ex says she was worried Morris was going to break the windows on her home again.

Police say Morris resisted arrest twice and on the third time when she ran away, an officer tased her and she fell face forward on the sidewalk. They took her to the hospital to be checked out and then back to jail.

The chief adamantly denies the accusations of police brutality. He adds they may make an example of people spreading the claims on social media.

“We will definitely discuss this matter with my detective and run it past the states attorney’s office to see if there’s anything we can do legally against any individuals who is promoting these allegations against the police department,” he said.

Morris' ex-girlfriend backs up the chief and says morris was only tased, not beaten up.

Police say they've had numerous calls about Morris. Now, she's facing charges including resisting arrest and trespassing.