Woman at indoor entertainment center dodges flying ax in viral video

One woman is thanking her lucky stars – and quick reflexes – for keeping her out of harm’s way when a ricocheting ax she threw in an indoor venue nearly struck her in the head.

On April 8, Instagram user Ainsley Rae shared video footage of the close call to the social media platform, where it has since been viewed over 126,000 times to date, Inside Edition reports.

In the clip, the woman holds the ax above her head, and throws it with force towards a target – though the heavy tool quickly rebounds back and flies towards her head. Rae ducks down instinctively, while others shriek in the background.


"At first I didn’t know what actually happened but then over time, watching it over and over again, I just started laughing at myself,” Rae told Inside Edition of the terrifying moment. “Oh my gosh, I am so glad I didn’t get hit in the head.”

She added that she had not been drinking while ax throwing.

It remains unclear at this time exactly where Rae’s ax throwing scare unfolded, though it appears to have happened at an indoor, entertainment-type venue.

“That axe almost got me,” Rae wrote on Instagram of the now-viral clip, tagging her boyfriend, Cam Huber, who caught the unbelievable moment on film.

“So glad it missed you!” she concluded of the post, which has since won over 6,000 likes.

“That was way too close,” one Instagram commenter exclaimed.

“Oh my goodness,” another agreed.

Rae did not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment on the story.