Woman finds touching note on receipt: 'I can't buy my son breakfast so I bought yours'

Photo credit: Heidi Goforth

Something magical happened at a McDonald’s drive-thru, and the reason for it was truly heartwarming.

A woman from Tennessee claims that after ordering food for her son, she approached the window to pay. When she got there, however, she was treated to a shocking yet pleasant surprise.

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Heidi Goforth said the woman in front of her paid for her breakfast — and while that's already a nice enough gesture, the reason for the free food was even sweeter.

According to a note written on the receipt, the woman in front of Goforth is the mother of a member of the Air Force. And since she couldn’t treat him to breakfast — the note suggested he was away on duty — she decided to buy it for the person behind her, who happened to be Heidi Goforth.

Following the touching gesture, Goforth shared a photo of the receipt on Facebook, along with a caption reading, “Good morning! I just had this happen to me. It touched my heart so much! I was buying breakfast for my son at McDonald's and the sweet lady in front of me, in the drive-thru, paid for my meal. I pray that you see your son soon! He's lucky to have a mom that loves him so much! God bless you and him! Tell him 'thank you' for his service.”

Caryn Scherm Hill, a Facebook user claiming to be the Air Force mom, saw the post and replied, “It was my pleasure. Kindness can create such a wave of emotion. How extra special that you were getting breakfast for your son!”

She continued on to say that her son is in Basic Military Training and has another 17 days to go. She also said her son’s girlfriend was actually the one who saw the post and brought it to her attention.

“I briefly saw it when I woke but had to run to work,” she continued. “My husband texted me the news clip while I was working [the] night shift. I cried like a baby when I read the comments from you and others! Not an hour goes by that we don't think of our son. He is going to laugh when he reads this.”

Usually, the best thing that happens in the McDonald’s drive-thru is somebody finding an extra McNugget in their meal. This, however, is much more touching.

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