2024 NFL Draft: Caleb Williams, a day before he presumably becomes a Chicago Bear, was living in the moment

Caleb Williams was asked about how he feels ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft about a day before he expects to hear his name called No. 1 overall. 

"Very normal. Very calm. I've prepared myself mentally for it," Williams said. "I've prepared myself physically for this."

Normal and calm, indeed. An excited personality was on display, too.

Who can blame him? The Chicago Bears are expected to hand him the keys to their franchise tomorrow evening, one day after announcing a brand new lakefront stadium that has the plan to make Chicago a sports epicenter.

If there was any pressure, Williams didn't show it.

He talked about wanting to "Let it rip." He played coy about social media going abuzz with plenty of draft chatter. He quipped about dance moves. 

"I'm not Beyoncé or anything," Williams said. "Hips don't lie."

If Williams is this excited now, it's a wonder how he'll be tomorrow.

Tomorrow is when he'll, we all expect, become a Bear. This comes after meetings with Bears players, coaches and personnel directors across the past two months. Williams spoke highly of those interactions, specifically with general manager Ryan Poles and head coach Matt Eberflus.

"They've been great. It's been fun to be around them," Williams said of Eberflus and Poles. "They always have a plan."

This also includes a dinner where Williams met with current Bears players where he was able to show them who he is as a person, and how that translates to his ability as a teammate.

"What they saw at the dinner is the same person I am," Williams said. "I enjoyed all of them."

Still, those answers played into the fun mood Williams was in on Wednesday morning.

He played coy with reports that he threw with DJ Moore, Keenan Allen and fellow NFL Draft prospect Rome Odunze. NFL Network reported it Tuesday evening, and Williams wouldn't outright say it happened.

"He was in California with me," Williams said. "We just happened to be on the same plane."

Odunze, on the other hand, confirmed it happened outright.

"I did (catch) with Caleb, DJ Moore and Keenan Allen," Odunze said. "I don't know how much y'all want to dig into it."

Of course, that means everyone is going to dig into it.

Will the Bears take Odunze at No. 9 overall now that he has an established rapport with Williams? Perhaps. The Bears need to take Williams first.

"If that's the place for me tomorrow, I can't wait," Williams said of Chicago. "All I've heard is great things."

When asked about other potential draft picks joining the Bears at No. 9, or other jobs and positions down the line, Williams, politely and fairly, refused to speculate.

"I can only handle what I can handle," Williams said. "I can't talk about other people's positions."

All that Williams can handle now is walking across the stage when his name is called in Detroit on Thursday. 

That will most likely be to the Chicago Bears. Once it happens, the excitement will rightfully reach a new level. 

Then, it's time to move on. That's because Williams is ready for the draft to be over with. There are games to play.

"I'm really ready because I want to get back to a football team," Williams said. "I haven't been with a football team since Nov. 18."


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