Woman killed, 2 officers seriously injured in Dolton after restaurant confrontation

A woman died and two police officers were seriously injured in Dolton Tuesday after a confrontation at a restaurant that led to a police-involved shooting and a car crash.

The woman was identified as Alexis C. Wilson, 19, of Homewood, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Dolton police responded to a call of an "irate" woman with a gun around 1 a.m. at the drive-thru window at Baba's Famous Steak & Lemonade restaurant in the 600 block of Sibley Boulevard.

When they arrived, officers asked both Wilson and a man who was with her to exit the car, police said. The man complied and left the vehicle, but Wilson refused.

A police officer attempted to remove Wilson from her car but she drove away, dragging him.


The other police officer shot at Wilson three times before being ran over by her car, police said.

She then crashed into a Dolton police squad car and drove one block with the officer still being dragged.

Wilson crashed into a bicycle shop where she was pronounced dead at the scene. It’s unclear if she died from gunshot wounds or from the crash. 

Both officers were taken to a local hospital in serious condition, according to police. One of the officers' conditions has been upgraded to "stable," police said.

The owner of Compleat Cyclist where the car wound up told FOX 32 he was in the building, which is also his home, at the time. 

He declined to be identified but said he saw a police officer laying on the grass about 20 feet from where the car ended up. 

He said he thinks the officer was knocked off the car when the woman drove between a street sign and light pole.

Dolton Spokesman Sean Howard described the moments after police say Wilson drove off with an officer hanging from her car.

"The other officer who was nearby noticed that the officer was in distress, and in fear for the safety of his own life, he also saw the vehicle coming toward him. The vehicle was therefore being used as a weapon. That officer discharged his weapon multiple times into the car wounding the female," said Howard.

Howard said Wilson was naked from the waist down, apparently wearing only a halter top.

Howard said there is footage from the officer’s body cams, surveillance footage from Baba’s Restaurant and residential videos.

He said the body cam footage has been turned over to the Public Integrity Task Force of the Illinois State Police, who are investigating the shooting.

It is not clear how many times Wilson was hit by gunfire.

Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard offered support to the police officers and said she planned to meet with them at the hospital.